LaserPro Laser Engraver & Cutter

Large-size / High-power / Four-axis / Intelligent / Easy-to-use

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One Size Fits All

PrintHero comes with a 13.3inch Large Scale LCD Screen to Meet All Printing Demands

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Large Size, High Power, Fast Speed. A new standard for laser engraving.

LaserPro is an intelligent laser engraver & cutter for large size engravings. The features of camera preview and autofocus makes laser engraving efficient and easy for anyone!

  • What can you print on your LaserPro?

    Art Deco Floor Lamp、Customized Logo Laptop
    Personalized Pastries、Tree of Life Pendant
    Family Photo Keepsake、Glass Road Engraved Spice Jars
    Deluxe Bookshelf Backgammon Set、Magical Wand Stand
    Windowsill Herb Planter and Stand

  • What can you print with?

    Stainless Metal - Metal Spraying - Wood、Denim - Ceramics - Metal Cylinder、Leather - Flagstone - Banboo、Aluminium Alloy - Glass - Stone

  • Is it safe when you use LaserPro

    LasePro supports high-level safety protection like proximity pausing, emergency stop, and overheats protection too.

  • How is the carving?

    The advantage optical path helps LaserPro to generate finer spot and higher power laser. This is why LaserPro can engrave directly on the stainless steel surface and easily cut 6mm MDF plates.

Product focus

  • Auto-focus

    We’ve also included an auto-focus system that automatically focuses the laser on the object being engraved on – even if the surface is uneven or at an incline. 

  • Camera Preview

    What’s more, it has low distortion, HD built-in camera with intelligent recognition to copy patterns and designs onto another surface. Place your design with your mouse and position it exactly where you want.

  • APP Control

    Connect your smart phone to the LaserPro by Wi-Fi and start creating. Upload pictures to the LaserPro App and edit them according to your desired result. It’s just that simple and powerful.

  • Quasi-industrial Grade

    The TMC2208 drivers and industrial-grade linear guides system ensure LaserPro works particularly smoothly with low noise and fast response for long-life applications. 

Check out what beautiful works some people have made with LaserPro

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