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  • Unrivalled Large Build Volume

PrintHero was designed to print extra-large projects that fit the size of big dreams. Supporting build volumes of up to 293*165*400mm, users can print whatever they desire in a groundbreaking large scale.


  • 30mm/h High Speed Printing

The fastest printing speed up to 30mm/hour.PrintHero can print multiple models at the same time without affecting the speed.

  • Fast Print Speed

The printing speed of PrintHero is up to 30mm/h. It enables handling of high-volume print jobs faster, drastically reducing necessary work hours.

  • Large Resin Volume

Packed with a 3kg resin volume, PrintHero can be printed continually, bring out the maximum of the creativity without adding resins many times.

  • 4K/10μm High Precision

PrintHero is about more than just creating "perfect" and pretty looking prints.
Best-in-class print quality is also about parts that are accurate and fit together.

  • Uniform Exposure for 98% Surface Area

PrintHero delivers a uniform exposure for 98% of the surface area. With it, 3D models can be printed accurately within the whole printing area, which delivers a coincident precision to every dimension of 3D models.

  • Impressive Configuration

Designed with consumer friendly and reliable in mind. The LCD screen,LED light, and resin tank can be easily replaced in-house.No Specialized training required.

  • Superior Build Quality

We used an all-metal design for PrintHero`s body not only to make it durable and stable during printing but also to make it a piece of art that will complement your workspace.

The hydraulic rod flip cover design allows you to operate it with one hand, saving time and effort.

  •  Dual linear rails and ball screws on Z-axis 

The unique dual-liner slides are designed to ensure the smooth and high-precision movement of the 3D printer.  It can avoid print misalignment and provides a lifting force of up to 100kg for easy printing and demolding.

  • Ultra-long Working Life

The standard LCD screen can withstand a working temperature of 60 Celsius degrees. For the SLA 3D printer, it is designed with LCD-SLA principle and needs to place the LCD screen above the ultraviolet lamp. So if the temperature is too high, the LCD screen will be damaged and the printer will not work properly. 

  •  Easy to Use 

  • Multifunctional Resins 

PrintHero comes with high quality liquid resins that are very affordable. We created 3 types of high-precision resins that satisfy the needs of any type of print project.

  • Compatible with 3rd Party Resin

PrintHero is also compatible with most available third party resins and you can use additional paints to achieve any color match you want.

  • Smart Touch Screen

With the deluxe 5'' touchscreen monitor on the body, users can change print settings & track printing status anytime with simple touch controls.

  • USB Drive & Wi-Fi Control

Other 3D printing systems are complicated and time-consuming. PrintHero is easy to use and you can get started printing in seconds with one-button prints and file transfer using LAN, USB drive or Wi-Fi connection.

 PrintHero supports a variety of performance resins, which can meet the needs of water washing, imitation TPU, imitation nylon and other projects.