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Spark Your Imagination Again

After our first Kickstarter campaign, we kept pushing the boundaries to make 3D printer even upgraded features with the affordable price tag. Now we are back for SparkMaker Full HD - an upgraded 3d printer with a 1080p LCD screen.
The most affordable Full HD SLA 3D Printer

Upgraded Printing Quality

Metal Panel | Z-axis | 1080P LCD Screen | Metal Tank
1080p FHD screen with a building area of 61.8×110mm can achieve a 57 micron XY resolution which is a great quality as high as that of 2K LCD screen with the build area of 68×120.9mm. It’s difficult for human eyes to tell the difference between the resolutions of 57μm and 47μm XY resolution.

Use Right Out-of-box

Based on the feedback of many of users,SparkMaker FHD now supports wireless control through Bluetooth connection. Either through an SD card with printing files or the smartphone App by Bluetooth, it is just one button to get printing started with SparkMaker FHD.

Printing with SD card
You can also control SparkMaker FHD with the smartphone App so that you can select print file and get printing started.

Printing controlled through App


Monitor the printing progress and select the printing files in the SD card. The SparkMaker FHD offers an app along with SD card connectivity.

 Designed for Everyone

We have sold more than 5000 units of SparkMakers since last year. It is amazing to find what our users printed with SparkMaker. There were the DIY experts who manipulated the machine with additional features, engineers using it for prototyping, and designers using it to make jewelry.

SparkMaker FHD vs. Form2

Of course, quality is what we strive for when it comes to our 3D printing endeavors. While the majority of today’s FDM printers will produce a decent model, compare an FDM print to one produced by any SLA 3D printer and you’ll quickly see that SLA takes the lead when it comes to the overall quality of finish.

SparkMaker FHD makes SLA 3D printing truly affordable!

Full Specs

What’s in the box